Proantocianidine 40mg, Ginkgo biloba leaves 40mg, Zinc 7mg, Magnesium 45mg and Thiamine 2mg Action Ginkgo biloba improves the perfusion of the brain and the peripheral blood vessels. It has a stimulating effect on the nerve cells and to protect them from injuries.
Proantocianidine is the most powerful popular antioxidant – 50 times more active than α-tocopherol and 20 times more powerful than the ascorbic acid. It restores the normal activity of the capillaries, reinforces the capillary walls and restores the elasticity of the arterial walls. It improves the brain activity and is one of the few antioxidants crossing the blood brain barrier.
Thiamin influences the activity of the nerve and neuro-muscular system, facilitates biosynthesis of neuromediators. Zinc is an essential biometal stimulating brain function. Magnesium is necessary for the normal functioning and conductivity of the nerve system and also for the thiamine absorption.


Oxybor Memory improves the brain functions, thinking processes, the concentration and the memory. It has a favorable effect in cases of vertigo, tinnitus, arterosclerosis. It considerably improves the condition of the so called hyperactive syndrome.


1 tablet twice a day after meal.

Oxybor is a trade-mark of Borola Ltd. The product has been manufactured in compliance with the highest GMP standards. Oxybor Memory is a food supplement. Store at a temperature below 25º С, do not leave reach of children.