What does Entan contain?

Entan CXlntains 80 mg of proanthocyanidin and 40 mg standardized extract of Ginkgo bilobe in one capsule. The standardization process guarantees potency and purity of each capsule of Entan.

How does Entan work?

Entan increases blood flow to the retina, extremities, the ear and the brain. Entan works by protecting and strengthening collagen and elastin. Thus Entan works as a protector of blood vessels of the body. lt improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage. By increasing blood 11ow, it brings more oxygen and nutrient to the tissues. lt possesses the antiinflammatory
effect. Entan slows down platelet activating factor (PAF), which keeps platelets from sticking together, improving circulation and decreasing the formation of blood clots. In addition Entan is a strong free radical scavenger.

What is Entan used for?

  • Impaired retinal blood supply
  • Chronic venous insufficiency – varicose veins, lymphatic edema, hemorrhoids
  • Various peripheral circulatory CXlnditions e.g. diabetes, Raynaud’s Syndrome. etc
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo (dizziness)
  • Swelling and edema following injuries and surgery
  • Cerebral atherosclerosis, after cerebrovescular events
  • To improve thinking, memory and concentration

Do we have scientific evidence of Entan?

The ingredients of this natural product have been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies that have reported positive effects in a wide range of health areas e.g., retinopathy, chronic venous and lymphatic insufficiencies, peripheral vascular disease, cerebral atherosclerosis, tinnitus & vertigo, memory & cognitive function etc.

Is there any side effect?

Entan is considered safe. When combined with anticoagulants and anti- aggregants, it enhances the blood thinning effect of these drugs.

How is Entan used?

Take 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily during meal.

How to store Entan?

Store at dry place and temperature bellow 2s•c. Do not leave it within reach of children.